Creative Portrait Photography

My favorite images are those that tell a true story. As a candid portrait photographer, that means capturing the honesty of that moment.

Woman laughing and eating ice cream in shop
hands holding cup of London Fog tea
Man with beard laughing in front of brick wall
Close up photo of a dog
someone cutting an onion on a cutting board
man and a woman sitting in an abandoned building
mother and daughter sitting by a lake
Woman taking photo of CN Tower in Toronto, ON
Female singer in a rock band screaming
man preparing a pour over coffee with a tea kettle
Persimmon Development helped me with beautiful and professional photographs for my social media.
— Angela Polimeni, Creator of Eco Tee Co


Event Photography

I believe in pictures that tell an honest story. As an event photographer, that means capturing the authentic experience of that moment.

Woman politician at a press conference in front of cameras
Powerful black woman holding braid in art performance
Woman takes photo with a large crowd with a selfie stick
Child clapping as mother laughs in background
Two women laughing holding wine glasses at a party
Kathy Hochul smiling at baby in a stroller
a boy and a girl child having fun in a bounce house
Derek is a reliable and talented photographer who captures the positive energy of our events.
— Kelly Atkinson, Executive Director of Buffalo Is Creative


Video Production

 Based in Buffalo, NY, Persimmon Development has over 15 years experience of video filming, editing, and production.

Persimmon Development recently created a fundraiser video for our center. Derek was so professional and incredibly efficient. The video was sweet, heart-warming and went viral in our community. Because of his help we not only reached our fundraising goal, but we exceeded it!
— Monique Bluford, Executive Director of Buffalo State Child Care Center


Website Design

Persimmon Development believes website design should be an organic and collaborative effort. Every website is built to meet the business needs and marketing goals of the organization.

New website design of Fairy Cakes Cupcakes in Buffalo, NY by Persimmon Development
The many flavors of cupcakes available at Fairy Cakes in Buffalo, NY
Ordering cupcakes for a wedding made easy on the website

Fairy Cakes Cupcakery & Bakeshop

Fairy Cakes has been in business since 2007, but hadn’t updated their website since 2010. We worked with Fairy Cakes Cupcakery to redesign their website to show off what they are famous are: cupcakes and other delicious baked goods. We ensured their list of cupcake flavors included beautiful photos, clear descriptions, and emphasis on flavors that are available to be made vegan or gluten free.

Persimmon Development also developed a webstore for Fairy Cakes so customers could order a dozen cupcakes 24 hours a day, to be delivered locally or picked up in the shop. Previously, the only way customers had to place bulk orders was by calling or stopping into the storefront during operating hours. This gives their loyal customers they ability to place orders online at their convenience.

A big part of Fairy Cake’s business is catering weddings. They offer not only custom cakes and cupcakes, but also beautiful and elaborately designed desert tables for the reception. A big part of what they wanted to streamline is the process of people requesting information and pricing on catering weddings and events. Persimmon development created a custom form to collect all the necessary information Fairy Cakes needs to efficiently manage the incoming requests, and be able to accurately give those requesting catering an accurate quote for the size of the wedding and the type of desert catering they requested.


City of Light Consulting website design on Squarespace

City of Light consulting

Nikki at City of Light Consulting was going through a re-branding and asked us to help her with re-designing her website. For the last 5 years, she has done amazing work with non-profit organizations and other agents of social change. Everyone who works with her has nothing but great things to say about her work. For this reason, I felt the Testimonials page of her website should be the cornerstone of the rebranding.

I wanted to not only showcase the kind words her past and present clients have said about her, but also showcase the amazing organizations that she has worked with such as Gardens Buffalo Niagara, Buffalo String Works, and Yoga Parkside. I decided that the best way to do this, and to make it visually appealing at the same time, was to include each organizations logo in the page. Several of these logos were also designed by the City of Light Consulting team which made the decision to include the logos even more compelling.

Another feature of the City of Light Consulting website that plays a prominent part is the strong call to action at the bottom of each page. Nikki at CLC wanted to highlight that their initial meeting/ consultation is always free. She believes in building community and finding ways for agents of social change to get their needs met. She wanted the call-to-action clear and inviting to show that her door is always open for those who might need her services.


Buffalo web design of a splash page

Vanessa Glushefski

Vanessa needed a splash page to get support for her 2019 campaign for City of Buffalo Comptroller. I used a photo I took of her at the Women’s March press conference that prominently displayed the City of Buffalo seal, the public’s trust and admiration of her, and the strength she has as a confident leader. By using strong imagery and minimal text, it put focus on her and the call to action on the web page.


Resume website design for a doctor on Squarespace

LouAnne Giagreco

LouAnne contacted us about needing a website to showcase her impressive credentials of being a doctor and helping the community through educational and medical outreach. We designed a beautiful and minimalist website that let her work in the community speak for itself.

The website is a single scrolling page with several different sections highlighting her various accomplishments and experiences. Accompanying the text is large professional photos to make the webpage a more interactive and visual experience than your typical resume or CV.


Music therapy website design on Squarespace

Music Therapy Brisbane

Music Therapy Brisbane reached out to us looking for a new logo and modern website to showcase their services. We decided that people connect with the imagery of music so we centered the design around beautiful photos of people playing instruments. The design is purposefully minimal to not distract the reader from the images and list of services.


Buffalo charter school website design on Squarespace

Buffalo charter school website design on Squarespace

Primary Hall (Proposed) Charter School

Primary Hall is a proposed charter school on the East-Side of Buffalo, NY. They reached out to Persimmon Development in need of a clean and modern website that showcased their mission, as well as images of the diversity of students they hoped to serve.

Persimmon Development has been an extremely valuable resource to our team. Their professionalism and quality copywriting have improved our client’s campaign success.
— Andrew Trentor, Owner of B2B Data Guy